Savitamataji wrote a letter to president dhr. Narinder Modi

Dear reader,

I Savitamataji from Vrindavan or Netherland, write you this letter, because I really need your attention.

More than eleven years I ask the world for attention to support our trust. Our aim was stop killing baby girls, stop dowry, stop rape women and clean India. Constantly we told the police not to be corrupt. We are successful, because the government takes this problem very high. The people from Bharat open their eyes. They are aware now. We discriminate openly ‘only babygirls’.

Now I ask again for your support. Our aim: we think and believe that every child has the right for education and the right to play and to be a child. We have to take care of the children. Children need protection, because they are our future.

Our questions to you are:

Firstly it is necessary that you make a law that:

  • Stops children to work
  • Stops children to beg on the street
  • Stops parents who send children out begging, because they need alcohol
  • Stops people who neglect the rights of children, for instance: children who don’t have parents or little children who get married.

I just found a boy from 13 years old, his parents send him away. For 12 days he slept in front of Iskon Mandir in Vrindavan. Do the police have eyes from these things?

There should be social workers in every place that are highly professional. These social workers should work in collaboration with justice officers. The social workers should investigate what is the best for the children and report to the judge.

Divorced parents with children, begging children on the street, orphan children, children who ran away from home, children who came in contact with police, children who don’t go to school. If it is raining or not school is a must! If children don’t go to school parents must get a penalty.

The police must have eyes in the night. They should search for children that are sleeping on the street. There should be a professional judge who works only for children and that take the responsibility that parents don’t take. Only when parents change their behavior, they can have their responsibility back.

All organizations must work together to protect children: the judge, the social workers, parents, schools, orphanages, police, doctors, hospitals and maybe the government who give people government houses, because some people have a house and still live like beggars.

Welfare from children is very important. Parents and others must stop thinking that they have the right to do what they on with children. Who knows maybe this children will not need any drugs in the future. Children are the future.

Yours faithfully

S.M. Gajadharsing ( president)

Adress: Saris Vihar

Pincode: 281121 UP Vrindavan/Mathura

Trust : Vrindaban Mahila Ashram/ Orphanage, Registration Mathura 366/IV/05


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